Inbound Marketing

Social Marketing: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube / TikTok, Pinterest

A) Facebook


– Manage and monitoring facebook on a daily basis
– New marketing content and existing content
– 8 automated Ads per month
– 4 personalised Ads per month
– 15 Boost per month
– Filtering all leads and allocating leads
– Stats and feed + analysis
– Positive + negative monthly reports (create breakdown of reports)
– Promoting landing page
– Automated Instagram
– Influencer on any platform of client’s chose
– Time laps of completed projects
– YouTube integrated
– Guarantee of 500 likes for the first month


B) LinkedIn


– Manage and monitor daily
– New marketing content
– Professional LinkedIn profile
– 15% increase of connections for three (3) months
– Stats reports
– Lead filtering
– Positive and negative reports
– Weekly posts
– Landing page
– Guarantee of 500 connections for the first month


C) YouTube


– One (1) video production
– Marketing


D) Pinterest


– Weekly post
– 1 photo


Online Marketing

A) Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


– Google Ad Words
– Multiple platforms.
– Word association: Guarantee first in search results worldwide
– Bloggin and Vlogging (daily website communication on behalf of clients on websites about their product)
– Web tactics: CTA and drawing traffic towards clients landing page
– Podcast advertisements
– Webinars
– E-books (create and publish)


B) E-mail marketing


– Mass email campaigns


C) Call To Action (CTA)


– Work flow – lead allocations
– Linking all online profiles
– Ensuring feet on landing page


D) CRM and Database Implementation


– Sharing, combing and filtering combined database


E) Website developing and Email Hosting


F) Logo design and brandbook


– Logo design and business cards
– Brand book including colours of company which also gives guidelines on where to use specific colour
– Includes all social platforms
– Email signatures