Building Industry Specialization

A) Marketing to the corporates


– Corporates e.g. hotel groups, health sectors
– Corporates developers e.g. owners of buildings
– Procurement manager
– Buyer
– Facility manager
– Maintenance manager
– Qualified marketing leads
– Marketing reports
– Four (4) marketing team members
– Sourcing for new projects for clients
– Sanitizing the market about your company and


B) Marketing to the industry professionals


– Developers
– Architects
– Interior Architects
– Interior Designers
– Engineers
– Quantity Surveyors
– Main Contractors


What you can expect from BH Specifications:


– Qualified marketing leads
– Website URL to be sent out daily
– Marketing reports
– Meeting request with industry professionals
– Pricing request and negotiation
– Project information- nationwide
– Product samples to be delivered on behalf of client
– Updates on the latest events for more exposure
– Four (4) marketing members
– 40 marketing appointments per month
– 40 marketing leads-this may go higher depending on product requirements for project
– Sourcing new projects
– Educating the market on your company and service